Robin Harris
Robin Harris

As County Commissioner, Robin Harris will advocate basic human rights for each of her constituents in District 6 and beyond. Robin supports decriminalization of the homeless and the poor. She plans to explore programs that combat the school-to-prison pipeline, increasing the quality of life and education for every student. Robin seeks to educate the community on the learning disparities caused by Standardized testing, and the opt-out alternatives available to students and families. Additionally, Robin intends to push for stronger mentorship in elementary and middle school environments versus the heightened police presence we see presently.

Robin Harris supports social and economic equality, protection of immigrants’ rights, and the development of small businesses. During this campaign, she plans to address the protection of the LGBTQIA communities, and the many deaths within the transgender community. Robin supports the principals of public banking, as well as Universal Single Payer Healthcare. Ultimately, Robin Harris will speak out against any and all forms of police brutality and discrimination.

Environmental Justice and Climate Change are strong areas of priority for Robin as well. During recent natural disasters it is clear that there is no adequate preparedness. As a result, many communities of color were affected negatively, many left without power or food for weeks. As the crisis of climate change increases, there need to be proactive plans in place.

Robin Harris will listen and hear the voices of her constituents so that together, District 6 can formalize change for all people.


  • Green Party of Central Florida
  • Board Member of Organize Florida
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Food & Water Watch
  • Florida Fight for $15
  • Nuisance & Abatement Board of Orange County
  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief
  • Moral Mondays with Rev. William Barber
  • Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign
  • The Refuge International Homeless Coalition Ministries
  • Florida Educational Fund
  • Journalist at Holt Press

On the Issues


  • Promote after school programs
  • End the school to prison pipeline
  • Vocational training scholarships for residences
  • Promote student mentorship


  • Realize the goals of the Fight for $15 campaign
  • Support Developing a direct county jobs program


  • Universal Single Payer Healthcare
  • Promote free walk in clinics
  • Promote patient advocates for the poor and seniors
  • Support of medical cannabis as a potential alternative to pharmaceuticals as means to combat the opiate epidemic


  • Support upgrading bus system.
  • Upgrade bus shelters with a particular focus on systematically marginalized communities that rely on public transit
  • Public transit option for natural disaster evacuation with focus on systematically marginalized communities

Criminal Justice System

  • End Mass Incarceration
  • Support Bail Reform programs
  • Actively Ending Police Brutality by giving tangible oversight authority to the county police review board
  • Neighborhood Controlled Public Safety Programs
  • Decriminalize Marijuana In Orange County to align with City of Orlando Policy.

Environmental Justice

  • Ban Fracking
  • Prevention Of Hurricane Gentrification
  • Actively Supports Public Awareness of Pipeline Issues
  • Climate Change Education for Marginalized Communities

Reparations For African Americans

  • Addressing Racial Terrorism in terms of state violence, employment disenfranchisement, etc...
  • Local reparations bills to target specific injustices within Orange County

LGBT Issues

  • Support Non Binary Communities in Workplace
  • Address Transgender Violence and Fatalities
  • Post Pulse Shooting Concerns
  • Lack of Equality i.e Racial Disparities